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Swimming Pool Wiring

Pools are more than just holes filled with water! They require a network of wires to in order to stay lit, heated, filtered, and circulated. If you’re looking for experienced professionals to provide your home or business with quality swimming pool wiring installation, maintenance, or repairs, pick up the phone and call the electricians at Dynamo Electric today!

We perform installation and repair services for:

  • In-ground pool wiring
  • Above-ground pool wiring
  • Pool light wiring
  • Swimming pool wiring for motors, filters, blowers, and pumps

Considering the sparks that can fly when electricity and water are mixed, pool electrical wiring installation and repair are jobs that are best left to professionals. Faulty wiring can result in safety threats such as electric shock or electrocution for pool wiring contractors and can also pose a danger to swimmers. Unprofessional work can also result in damage to the pool and insufficient pool operations, which can mean more costly repairs and a shortened life span for your pool.

Our experienced team can install or repair wiring for pools of any size, from small backyard pools to large hotel pools. We can easily navigate your swimming pool electrical wiring to pinpoint any damage or dangers, and we can even design a pool wiring diagram specific to your unit. A safe pool is a fun pool. Make sure that every inch of wiring is properly connected: Call in a professional from Dynamo Electric.

Hot Tub Wiring

In addition to our professional pool wiring, Dynamo Electric also performs spa and hot tub wiring. Let us help you keep your water hot, clean, and bubbling! We will make sure that every switch and every connection is installed properly, and we can perform maintenance and repairs if you notice that your spa is not operating the way it should.

When you call Dynamo Electric to perform work on your hot tub's or swimming pool's electrical wiring, you are calling on a team of licensed electricians: You're putting your safety and property into the hands experienced, trustworthy professionals that  are dedicated to our craft. Don't settle for anything less. Enjoy pools and hot tubs that operate at their full potential by contacting us today!

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