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Antiques can add value to a home, but there is one antique, though, that will only take away from your building's value: an outdated electrical panel. With all the everyday appliances and gadgets that require power these days, the original electrical panels installed in many homes and businesses years ago can’t sufficiently handle the demand, causing breakers to trip and creating a potentially dangerous environment. The electric service panel is the heart of your electrical system, and poor performance can negatively affect the electrical service throughout your entire building. Don’t stand for appliances that can’t run on full power or for flickering lights. Make the safer and more convenient choice. Opt for a service upgrade from Dynamo Electric. Our electricians will help you update your electrical panel and ensure you get the electricity you need to keep your home or business running smoothly.

When you upgrade or change out your electrical service panel, you may also need to perform other upgrades or repairs, such as on the meter socket and the wires between the meter and the panel. Don't be alarmed anticipating these costs and electrical panel upgrade cost, however. Electrical panel upgrades mean that you can have more than one powerful appliance running from the same outlet without fear of flipping a breaker, and your property's energy use will be far more efficient, saving you money in the long term. With the electrical contractors at Dynamo Electric on your side, we can ensure you get the most cost-effective electrical service upgrade possible, helping you update your home's electricity without costing you an arm and a leg.

There are various reasons why you may need an electrical service upgrade, including:

  • Increased electricity usage (like with installing a new appliance or home theater)
  • Insufficient power
  • A previous job that was not performed up to standard
  • Panels contaminated by water or other foreign substances
  • Old, dangerous panels or wiring

Not sure if you need an electrical service panel upgrade? The professionals at Dynamo Electric will gladly come down to your home or business to see if you require an electric panel upgrade and inspect your entire electrical setup for any dangers or inefficiencies. Today’s buildings require a lot of electrical capacity in order to meet the heavy demands of daily modern life. At Dynamo Electric, we have been upgrading the homes and businesses of Baltimore for more than 42 years, and we have what it takes to bring your electrical service up to speed. Call today to learn more about our warranties and guarantees and how an electrical service upgrade might be right for you.

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