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Ceiling Fan Wiring

Ceiling fans are great, cost-effective options that allow you to control the indoor temperature in your home or business without the high energy costs of other cooling methods. In addition, ceiling fans can also be used for overhead lighting and to provide a design element to an otherwise plain room. If you're considering installing a ceiling fan, give us a call. Although ceiling fans seem like relatively simple apparatuses, ceiling fan wiring and installation is a job best left to the professionals at Dynamo Electric. That's because an incomplete or improper ceiling fan installation can have severe consequences, including:

  • Injury
  • Ceiling damage
  • Fan imbalance
  • Fan malfunction
  • Electrical issues
  • Fire

Don't risk personal injury or property damage by attempting an amateur job. When you need to install a ceiling fan, call the professionals at Dynamo Electric. Our team of master electricians has over 42 years of experience in the business, and you can rely on us for safe, efficient ceiling fans wiring and installation.

Many people believe that ceiling fan installation is as simple as connecting the fan to your existing overhead light wiring. In truth, proper ceiling fan wiring and installation includes mounting the fan to a junction box rated for 75 lbs or more. If the fan isn't mounted to the box, or the box is not properly supported, you run the risk of the fan eventually falling out of the ceiling! In addition, there are multiple ways to wire a ceiling fan light to best meet your usage needs and preferences. When you contact Dynamo Electric to install a ceiling fan, we'll make sure that you have the appropriate wiring and support structures to ensure that you can safely enjoy your fan well into the future. Our ceiling fan installation experts will discuss your options for ceiling fans wiring with you in order to determine which functions should be connected to a switch, and how many switches will need to be installed. Whether you want your ceiling fan light connected to the same wall switch for power, on a separate switch, or operated solely through the pull-string, you can trust our electrical contractors to get the job done right.

In addition to ceiling fan wiring and installation, the pros at Dynamo Electric are qualified to complete a full range of ceiling fan repairs, so if your unit is on the fritz, or you need help correcting a prior installation gone wrong, we're the team to call. Contact us today to learn more about our ceiling fan installation services, and receive your free estimate!

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