We'll Tell You How to Install a Ceiling Fan in Rosedale

Are you interested in replacing one of your light fixtures with a ceiling fan? Trouble Shooter Electric, Inc. is happy to help if you want professional installation services. We're a licensed and insured business with more than 38 years of experience, and we know how to install a ceiling fan with ease. However, there's nothing wrong with going the DIY route if you've done your research before starting the job. For instance, do you know what size ceiling fan is best for your room? Fan blade tips should be at least 30 inches from walls and other obstructions, while the bottom of the blades should be no less than seven feet from the floor. Measure your space to make sure that you purchase the best fan for your needs. 

Always shut off power to the existing light fixture before beginning work, and make sure switches are in the "off" position. Then, disconnect the wiring and carefully remove the old fixture. If you have dual-switch wiring, with one switch controlling the fan and another controlling the light, make sure to label the wires at this point, so you can hook everything back up correctly. Once the old fixture is gone, check that the electrical box in the ceiling is approved for use with ceiling fans. If it isn't, you'll need to upgrade the box, as well. Finally, follow all of the manufacturers' instructions for new ceiling fan installation.

Does this sound like a complicated process? Are you concerned that you won't know how to install a ceiling fan properly when the time comes? Trouble Shooter Electric, Inc. is standing by to take your call. Get in touch at (443) 973-6220 today! 

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